We hope everyone is staying as safe as possible during this time. We’ve had a few questions recently about what is the best way to interface with our staff during vehicle drop off/pick up. So, we figured it would be best if we let everyone know about the many measures we are taking here at the shop to #flattenthecurve and update folks on the best way to interface with our staff so that everyone is in the best position to stay safe.

First, we want to note that all vehicles and keys/key fobs are sanitized prior to our team beginning work and before being returned to customers. Furthermore, we have implemented the following No-Contact Service options for customers who would like to take advantage.


  1. If you wish, you can call 610-644-1000 to schedule your estimate at an agreed upon time/date.
  2. Call 610-644-1000 once you are in our lot at the time of your scheduled appointment. An estimator will greet you in the lot to perform your estimate.
  3. During your estimate, we invite folks to maintain social distancing guidelines
  4. Once the visual inspection of the vehicle is completed, we will email you a copy of the estimate.


  1. Whether you drop off your car at night or during daylight/business hours, we are inviting customers to use our night key-drop box.
  2. You’ll be required to write name and contact info on the envelope. While envelopes and pens are provided, feel free to bring your own pen. We ask customers to fold in the envelope flap rather than lick in order to seal.


  1. Call us first so we can schedule the rental for you through our partners at Enterprise. So, for your safety and comfort, we hope to coordinate rental drop off that involves as little waiting for our customers as possible. Customers may wait in our clean and sanitized lobby if they wish.
  2. Enterprise is delivering fully sanitized rental vehicles for Conestoga Collision customers. Cars are clean and Enterprise staff wear gloves.


  1. Your car is sanitized again prior to delivery.
  2. If there is a final payment due, we can arrange it over the phone or via check drop.
  3. If you have a spare key, we can confirm this with you and ask you to bring it along. Your sanitized vehicle will be locked with the provided key inside. You will use your spare key to gain entry.

As always, we are eager to make every effort to make your customer service experience and excellent one. If there are any specific steps you would like us to take in the handling of your job as it relates to the current Coronavirus situation, do not hesitate to discuss you wishes with a member of our team.