This year has been a bit of a whirlwind for a lot of folks. For small business owners, a lot of us have been white-knuckling it since March. Changing regulations and requirements, an uncertain economy and the challenges that come with running a profitable business while ensuring employees and customers are safe at all times are all included in the overflowing pot of things that keeps us up nights. That said, we aren’t complaining. Life is full of choices and ours is to show up every day and provide the best collision repair found anywhere on the Main Line or throughout Chester County.

Throughout this pandemic, shops like ours have suffered through lulls in available work and even available workers. We’ve seen some slowdowns too, but it looks as though we are mostly on the other side of the worst of it and we feel we owe all of our great customers a great big Thank You for supporting our business as we all work to meet these challenges together.

COVID won’t be with us forever. We will beat it and we will do so together. When we do, it will be all the sweeter knowing we did so while supporting one another all the way.