At Conestoga Collision, we take great care to ensure that your vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition with special attention paid to the structure of the repaired vehicle and the safety of its occupants.  In this example, we will examine the repair of a Mini Cooper after a front end collision.

Post Accident

As you can see here, this vehicle sustained a fair amount of front end passenger side damage.  In addition to damage to the bumper and hood, this vehicle sustained  mechanical and electrical damage as well.  Our goal in examples such as this one is to repair anything that can be repaired with constant mindfulness of the integrity of the vehicle and its potential to perform safely. Those parts that cannot be repaired must be replaced.  Our first order of business with this vehicle will be to disassemble the affected area of the Mini and determine what will need to be repaired and what must be replaced.

Preliminary Tear Down

The preliminary tear down process is the first step after we have agreed with the client on price and have brought the vehicle into our facility to begin the repair process.  As in all cases, the preliminary tear down of the Mini entailed removing damaged pieces of the body so that we could get a full understanding of the depth of the damage to the vehicle.  During this process, we are cataloging which parts can be repaired as well as those that will be in need of replacement.

Final Tear Down

During the final tear down, we are able to not only finish the process of disassembly but also begin the process of getting your vehicle back to its pre accident condition.  In the case of the Mini, it was necessary to remove the entire front end of the vehicle. In an example such as this one, often we will find that if a part is not damaged, it is likely attached to one that is. As such, we were required to disassemble or remove parts from the cooling system, steering system, engine and much more.  This is a detail intensive process and should be as there are hundreds of critical parts to a vehicle that might fail in an collision such as that in which the Mini was involved.

Right Front Unibody Rail Repair

Frame straightening is often a necessary aspect of collision repair.  The Mini suffered damage to its frame during the collision.  This is not uncommon in cases of significant impact.  In this case the frame was bent and in need of straightening.  At Conestoga Collision, we are experts in frame straightening.  Ensuring that the vehicle is reassembled on a straight frame is critical in guaranteeing that the vehicle with drive without wobbles or shakes once returned to the owner.

Reassembly of Engine

After the frame was straightened, it was time to reassemble the engine as well as the rest of the mechanical parts of the Mini.  During reassembly, we are careful to only use parts that were undamaged in the accident, parts that were reparable or replacement parts approved by the owner or insurance company.  In the case of the Mini, it was necessary to use a handful of replacement parts as there were various parts of this vehicle that were unable to be repaired such as the headlight assembly and several other mechanical and electrical pieces.

Paint Process

After the mini is reassembled with all of its repaired and replaced parts, both inside and out, it is time to repaint the vehicle so that it looks as it did before it was in the accident. At Conestoga Collision we use the best paints for your vehicle.  The utmost care is taken during the sanding and priming process so that your car’s finish will be that of one coming right off the dealer’s lot.  It is our job to make sure that the vehicle looks as good as it performs when we return it to the customer!

Project Completion

After our repairs are completed, we check our work by making sure that the wheels are aligned and the vehicle performs as it should.  The vehicle is road tested by one of our professionals so that we can ensure that it is returned in a safe condition to the owner.  As you can see, the Mini here looks as though it was never in a collision.  As we mentioned several times prior, it is our mission to see to it that the vehicle operates as though it was never in a collision as well. If you are in need of high quality collision repair in Berwyn, Paoli, Devon, Malvern, Wayne or anywhere on the Main Line or Chester County, bring your vehicle to the pros at Conestoga Collision today!